SHAPE Whanau

SHAPE recognises that the power of our organisation is realised through the success of its people, which is why we have selected, grown and fostered the very best humans in our fields. Our people are each ambassadors of the SHAPE Group values, mission and vision and contribute to the long term sucess through their every day actions, whether big or small.
Aaron Underwood
Service Manager

Managing a team of competent and qualified UPS service technicians to deliver and go beyond customer expectations.

Andre Utizinger
Solutions Architect

Andre is a solutions driven specialist providing the right outcomes for clients’ power protection ranging from standalone devices to data centre projects.

Chris Harper
Solutions Architect

As a Compressed gas specialist Chris provides the best solution for the customer integrating sales, lease, and through life maintenance packages.

Geoff Nickles
Solutions Architect

Passionate about UPS units, generators, and critical cooling. Geoff enjoys solution design, from data centre projects, to nationwide fleet management.

Jenny McKay
Solutions Architect

A customer focused solutions specialist, providing power continuity protection, with a focus on maximum uptime, smooth installation, and ongoing maintenance

Manaaks Pivac
Auckland Regional Manager

Operates a very agile and lightweight management team which can easily integrate with clients and meet their needs.

Neil Beeslaar
Operations Manager

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of SHAPE’s Air & Gas business. Neil is passionate about the industry and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that it presents.

Neil McIntosh
Contract Manager

Neil brings firepower and an understanding of our client's needs as a skilled, customer orientated individual with a proven track record delivering works in marine environments.

Patrick Bridgeman
Senior Technician

Curious, Patrick is at the forefront of innovation and understanding in all things engineering across Shape to be a one stop shop for key clients.

Pierre Fourie
Service Manager

Service driven customer focused. As a technical expert in compressed air systems and all things mechanical, Pierre leads from the front.

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Manaaks Pivac

Regional Manager

The people at Shape are the key ingredient. We 110% back and invest in ourselves. The successes and learnings are shared and flow into the way we service and treat our customers and stakeholders. I look forward to watching our team grow into, not only, world leaders in the solutions we provide, but more importantly, better people who will help build better communities