Energy Storage Adoption & Powerblok

A Powerblok or ‘Battery Energy Storage System’ (BESS) is a technology that uses specialised high-cycle rechargeable batteries to store power for later use. Powerblok solutions can ensure a continuous supply of green power and have the potential to minimise climate impacts. Huge amounts of research have resulted in battery advancements that have taken Powerblok systems from just a concept to a commercial reality. 

Powerblok batteries expand the usability of intermittent renewable generation sources such as solar and wind, storing generated power for release when required rather than needing to work around the sporadic nature of these energy sources. 

Powerblok is also able to connect directly to the main power grid in order to provide a range of grid and user side power management services. Utilising Powerblok as energy reservoirs distributed throughout the grid increases power continuity across the network while enabling deferment of large-scale grid upgrades otherwise needed for rapid electrification. 

Large-scale BESS style units are operating in many countries, including the USA, Australia, the UK, Japan, China, and many others. Shape Energy’s Powerblok enables this capability to be introduced to the New Zealand energy sector, supported by local manufacturing and resources. 

Growing demand for power distribution energy storage systems as a result of continuous grid modernisation, as well as increased consumption of batteries in the renewable energy market. We are ready to meet the projected spikes in battery energy storage system industry demand.  

In deploying Powerblok we will be able to mitigate temporary disconnections, power outages, or blackouts on New Zealand’s power grid. Powerblok can respond promptly to power outages, offering sub-second frequency response and grid stabilisation. Talk to us today about how Shape Energy can use Powerblok to protect power in your organisation. 

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