Introducing SHAPE Energy’s Dynamic Duo: Meet Paul and Kes

A strong sales team can make all the difference. We understand this and have taken a step forward in welcoming two remarkable individuals to our sales team; Paul Dinan and Kiersten Spyve (Kes).

Paul brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. Having worked with some of the industry’s biggest names across ANZ, he has gained insights into the intricacies of various energy solutions.

Kes is a true powerhouse when it comes to forging connections. Kes’s ability to establish meaningful relationships with clients and industry partners is a rare gift. As a new face in the industry, Kes’s positive attitude and adaptable nature will be a guiding light for both the sales team and clients.

This dynamic duo is all set to propel SHAPE Energy to new heights, open new avenues, and reinforce SHAPE’s commitment to New Zealand’s future.

“I’m stepping into the energy industry with a mix of excitement and awe; the possibilities are endless the more I learn what SHAPE is capable of doing and its mission, particularly to do right by the environment .”

– Kiersten Spyve

“As I continue my career with SHAPE, Im looking forward to assisting the NZ Market in creating a better tomorrow. We are shaping an industry that’s at the forefront of positive change.”

– Paul Dinan

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