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SHAPE Group Limited was formed by STILL Ltd in 2021 to build an integrated infrastructure services business specialising in smarter, connected, enduring, and sustainable infrastructure. We provide a full-service range including engineering, designing, building, operating, finance, and maintaining infrastructure assets in all markets we operate within.


To do the bold, to do the projects that others might not, to involve the community and do right by them – to create the trifecta of outcomes – environmentally great, economically great, and commercially great


To work alongside New Zealand organisations to provide them with leading edge technology and the capability to build clean, smart, connected, and resilient infrastructure

SHAPE Energy

In addition to the connected infrastructure market SHAPE has an opportunity to enter the energy and compressed air market via the acquisition of SHAPE Energy (formerly Nukor Industries Limited and Nukor Rentals Limited). SHAPE Energy brings solid skills and capabilities in design, build, and maintenance services, in a essential services marketplace, with excellent track record and capacity, focussed on driving energy efficiency across all industries. SHAPE Energy has secured design-build-maintain contracts with some of NZ’s most prominent blue-chip clients, across a diverse range of market sectors including Rocket Lab, KiwiRail, ENL Ltd, Veolia, Ryman Healthcare to name a few.

Founded in 2006 by Elliot Peacocke, SHAPE Energy is a premier provider of essential services to businesses and industry. The core services provided include compressed air, power generation, industrial gases, and renewable energy systems. SHAPE Energy specialise in complete turn-key solutions including design-build-maintain options, with simple cost structures that result in long-term repeat customers. The business mission of “Maximum Efficiency, Everywhere, all the time” is the core driver of everything they do, and has positioned SHAPE Energy as a leader in the efficiency and renewable energy space.

SHAPE Energy Timeline

Shape Energy Acquires IT Power Services | Aug 2022

Adding critical mass in the critical infrastructure Energy business, Shape Energy acquires IT Power Services to add strength in the provision of bespoke engineering & design solutions, routine maintenance and more in power generation and UPS services.

Shape Energy Forms Key Partnerships | June 2022

Shape Energy operates as an end to end solutions provider specialist in critical energy services. The business seeks to work with key partners in tthe NZ and international market as a way of provising customers with the best people for every job. FARBURM, Leinhardt & Wagner, ABB, Compressed Air Association of Australia and more.

Shape Energy Team Triples | April 2022

Due to aggressive sales and growth within industry, Shape Energy grows the capabilities of the business to expand on and increase its varying service offerings with added personnel from renewables engineers, key accounts personnel and field service technicians.

Shape Energy Acquires NUKOR | December 2021

Compressed air, our 4th utility in NZ, commonly forgotten provides various sectors within NZ such as defence, food and production, manufacturing, medical and more, the means to operate efficiently when considered.

Shape Energy Established | November 2021

Due to aggressive sales and growth within industry, Shape Energy grows the capabilities of the business to expand on and increase its varying service offerings with added personnel from renewables engineers, key accounts personnel and field service technicians.

Nukor Builds its First Nitrogen Generation Unit for Food Manufacturing | 2018

Focused on improving the compressed air & gases market in NZ, Nukor takes its next step in services and innovation. Currently reliant on a decreasing supply of product and increasing price point, on site, containerised nitrogen generation services supplied by Nukor means.

Nukor Delivers Bespoke Prime Power Generation and UPS Solution to Rocket Lab | 2018

With the world’s first private launch complex for orbital space flights and is licensed to launch every 72 hours for the next 30 years. This will allow Rocket Lab and New Zealand to have the highest launch frequency of any country in the world. To support this, on site containerised prime power and UPS systems including remote monitoring and control was provided by Nukor to support their growing operations

Datablok Hits the Market | April 2015

In the efforts to improve client efficiency, cost savings and security, IT Power Services brings to the NZ market Datablok. refabricated, modular, transportable, secure containerised data centres.

Nukor Delivers Nationwide Generator Project for Ryman Healthcare l 2015

Design, testing and commissioning of Nukor Cummins powered backup generators across aged healthcare facilities across NZ. Nukor provides bespoke solutions including remote monitoring and control of critical parameters through cellular 3G wireless technology.

IT Power Services Establish the McLennan Power Generator Brand | December 2011

Observing a gap in the NZ market in the provision and maintenance of quality generators, IT Power Services develops an in house generator brand to compete in the NZ market and provide quality service to its customers. As a stand alone product, McLennan Power

Nukor Established | 2006

Seeing a gap in the market, Nukor enters the compressed air and power generation market with fresh ideas and commitment to low cost, reliable and quality service founded by Elliot Peacocke.

IT Power Established | 1999

Established to challenge traditional NZ UPS market providers in NZ, IT Power Services is formed as a trusted and quality based solutions business in critical infrastructure. UPS and battery backup, prime and backup power generation and critical equipment cooling.

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Andrew Edwards


At Shape we are a customer focused solutions-based organisation, we fundamentally believe in working with Customers in developing new solutions, new contract models and delivering results. This is what drives us and what we get real enjoyment from. Happy customers are the key to any organisations success. Our team look forward to working with Shapes customers of today, and Shape’s customers of tomorrow to deliver solutions that help them be successful. Doing great safe business while having fun and having a good laugh with people is what its all about.