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Design Bespoke solutions with experience and history


Discussions are undertaken to understand your requirements, both now and in the future. SHAPE Energy designs solutions to ensure they suit the environmental and industrial needs of the client, maximizing uptime, security, reliability, and performance.

Build Specialists in containerised systems


Our team are specialists in building solutions to suit your needs. Selecting best of breed hardware and assembling world class systems under the control of our workshop environment means that our solutions turn up to site ready to commission, built to the highest of kiwi-made standards.

Install Quality solutions from Industry Professionals


Whether it is a simple addition of an outlet or a full factory fit out our technicians are able to quickly and efficiently work around your business with minimum impact on your operations.

Maintain 24/7 Critical System Support

Compressed Air

Ongoing proactive maintenance to ensure expected performance metrics are exceeded. Remote real-time monitoring is utilised for proactive responses to any potential technical issues.

Prefabricated, modular, transportable, secure containerised solutions. SHAPE Energy’s Blokseries are bespoke turnkey solutions that are designed and built specifically to fit clients unique environmental and infrastructure needs. SHAPE Energy can offer clients a full package solution for a business or organisation, ready for use, delivered nationally and internationally.
Because there is no need to invest in any equipment no installation cost or servicing contract, leasing can be a great solution if your business is seeking to limit capital expenditure. If you want the latest most efficient air compressor or diesel generator system; don’t worry about maintenance, obsolescence or repairs contact SHAPE Energy about your best option.
SHAPE Energy supplies a range of McLennan Power AC and DC diesel generator sets that cover a variety of applications with silenced, open frame and marine configurations available. With 40 years of experience we understand the challenges that organisations face in Pacific conditions. Our generator solutions are quality assured from design to implementation to maintenance.
Our UPS and backup battery sales are offered and supported throughout New Zealand. SHAPE Energy offers for sale a comprehensive range of both UPS and backup battery solution together with associated equipment and services required to provide a complete no break uninterruptable power supply backup solution.
SHAPE Energy specialises in energy efficient compressed air solutions.

Our variable speed E-VSD rotary screw and scroll air compressors are smaller, quieter and more economical than traditional reciprocating compressors.

SHAPE Energy is able to provide containerised solutions for the generation of utility gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and the reclamation of Carbon Dioxide. Gas generation services can be centralised for distribution. Our gas services are also modular and upgradeable allowing for flexible gas usage that can grow and change with your business.
Our expertise in solar PV systems means we can hit the ground running with any Solar project. We are ready to provide innovative solutions in this space. Our team has the resources to provide additional value with energy storage and system monitoring options, ensuring that you get the most out of your equipment. Sometimes more than an off-the-shelf solutions is required, SHAPE Energy is able to design and build a custom system that suits your needs.
SHAPE Energy supply and manufacture a range of efficient heat exchangers for heat recovery and other industrial applications. SHAPE Energy can help you to design the right heat exchanger solution for your business suited to whatever the task.
Mobile engineers are available nationwide to undertake a full range of services, maintenance and repairs on your standby/backup emergency diesel generator, either at your site or in our workshops. We carry an extensive range of spare parts and offer scheduled maintenance services for air compressors, generators and power systems.

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