Blokseries – Containerised Solutions
Prefabricated, modular, transportable, secure containerised solutions. SHAPE Energy’s Blokseries are bespoke turnkey solutions that are designed and built specifically to fit clients unique environmental and infrastructure needs. SHAPE Energy can offer clients a full package solution for a business or organisation, ready for use, delivered nationally and internationally.

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SHAPE Energy have containerised blok solutions capable of delivering energy generation, energy storage, data storage, gas generation, and compressed air.

Blok series solutions are turnkey, prefabricated and purpose - built to be scalable and rapidly deployable either nationally or globally. SHAPE Energy offer a vendor - agnostic approach to allow customers to choose the hardware that meets their needs. Comprehensive installation and commissioning services are offered during the implementation phase, with full remote and on site maintenance and support provided for the life of the asset.


Discussions are undertaken to understand your requirements, both now and in the future. SHAPE Energy ensure the business case for a blok solution is supported and that the required ROI is achieved.

SHAPE Energy will clarify other performance level requirements such as uptime, security, visibility, etc.


Blok series solutions are produced and built in New Zealand to strict quality control standards. Clients are welcome to attend construction progress inspections where all aspects of the build are inspected and signed off. Once complete SHAPE Energy undertake comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) which clients are encouraged to attend and witness.


Once a blok solution is installed and commissioned at a client site, an ongoing proactive maintenance program is implemented to ensure expected performance metrics are exceeded. Remote real-time monitoring is utilised to assist with the proactive response to any potential technical issues.


Blokseries solutions are well suited to provide a cost-effective, secure and high-availability utilities. All our solutions are bespoke to ensure they provide value and deliver the required ROI for our customers.

Disaster Recovery

Easily established either as permanent or portable disaster recovery utilities, blokseries solutions can provide the opportunity to design your DR systems to your specific requirements. Options include adding workstations internally for emergency use.

Capital Investment Deferral

Blokseries products enable you to meet the demands of the future now, without sunk capital cost that would go into conventional infrastructure. Industrial sites require significant capital investment to cater to future requirements. Bloksereies solutions move to where you need them, targeting your key challenges at a low comparable cost point.

Edge Deployments

Your blokseries solution can be custom designed for a wide range of edge requirements, including micro edge data centres and edge colocation facilities. Fast deployment times and the ability to relocate as demands change make the blokseries solutions an ideal choice.

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