Compressed Air
SHAPE Energy Specialises In Energy Efficient Compressed Air Solutions.

Our variable speed E - VSD rotary screw and scroll air compressors are smaller, quieter, and more economical than traditional reciprocating compressors.

Compressed Air Service Technicians

SHAPE Energy service is second to none. Our qualified service technicians are fully equipped to ensure efficient maintenance and repairs of compressed air equipment with minimal disruption to your business.

Reduce Business Disruption

Services cover all compressor brands and types and honour equipment OEM warranty. SHAPE Energy operates a 24/7 dedicated phone support line that gives our clients direct access to a local service technician. SHAPE Energy provides rapid response to your compressor emergency’s, breakdowns, repairs, and service requirements.

SHAPE Energy technicians can provide:
• 24/7 Support
• Proactive Maintenance
• Preventative Maintenance
• Reactive Maintenance
• Protective Service
• Equipment Hire & Replacement
• Ongoing Support

Rapid Breakdown Support

SHAPE Energy have the capacity to provide rapid breakdown support with local technicians.

WIth the ability fix, maintain and replace equipment with rental, lease and purchase agreements. Contact the SHAPE Energy service team to minimise downtime due to breakdowns and equipment faults.

A Whole System Approach to Saving Energy

10% of an industrial business' total electricity bill is typically spent on a commonly forgotten service, compressed air systems and that percentage can be much higher for many sectors. By taking targeted action to make your compressed air systems more efficient, you can reduce this cost to your business and get the most out of your existing services.

Reducing compressed air waste will allow you to save on energy costs while also improving your equipment's reliability, productivity and production output.

For example, even with the most efficient compressor on the market, if it is connected to a system that has a 40% leak rate,
all it provides is the ability to produce waste more effectively.

While the compressor unit represents the largest energy consumption in the system, it is important to look at the overall demand on the system, it's design, and how it is maintained. These aspects can have massive effects on the overall energy consumed by the system

Cost Effective

With improved fiber filling and triple filtering function clients can experience minimum drops in pressure, and effective air filtering.


With anodic oxidation SHAPE Energy significantly increases durability and extends the life-span of filter housing . This means less maintenance and easier operations.


Compatible with all standard compressor technologies, using accessories provided SHAPE Energy filters are easy to install in existing compressed air systems.

Airpipe System

SHAPE Energy AirPipe is the only compressed air pipe system that uses aluminium not plastic for all pipe and pressure critical fittings such as tee’s, elbow’s and sockets making it one of the safest and most reliable systems on the market today.

The Complete Solution

The air tight double o-ring design of the AirPipe system is more resistant to leaks than other systems. SHAPE Energy AirPipe is the complete solution for all your compressed air distribution needs from compressor to point of use.

All Aluminium

All fittings right down to 20mm are solid, pressure cast aluminium with smooth internal geometry that has been designed to maximise flow rates.


The smooth, low friction surface, larger internal diameter and flush internal joins of SHAPE Energy AirPipe system reduces resistance and pressure drop, thus increasing the efficiency of your air system.

Flexible & Compatible

Extra outlets can be added at any time with the SHAPE Energy AirPipe Quick Connect fitting.

SHAPE Energy AirPipe can easily be adapted to any existing pipe systems with the use of AirPipe to BSP adaptor fittings. All SHAPE Energy AirPipe fittings and pipe can be disassembled and reused if any changes to your system are required.

Multi Colours

AirPipe is available in grey and blue with most other colours available to order.


Thanks to its powder coated aluminium construction SHAPE Energy AirPipe remains clean and free of corrosion.

Extensive Range

With over 370 parts in the AirPipe range and pipe sizes of 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 101mm, 153mm 205mm, AirPipe is up to the job of any compressed air reticulation system you have planned. Suitable for compressed air up to 13Bar as well as vacuum and Nitrogen gas, AirPipe is truly a multi use solution.
Breathing air apparatus is complex equipment that need to be done right to ensure the safety of its users. We have the experience and certification necessary to deliver breathing air compressors and systems to your team.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

SHAPE Energy range of NKD compressed air dryers offer unparalleled efficiency thanks to the use of a unique stainless steel, twin-pass heat exchanger and vortex water separator. The twin pass heat exchanger pre-cools the incoming air with the exiting air resulting in energy savings of up to 30%.

Why Dry?

The process of air compression concentrates atmospheric contaminants especially water vapor. This raises the dew point of the compressed air relative to free atmospheric air and leads to condensation within pipes as the compressed air cools downstream of the compressor.

Excessive water in compressed air can cause a variety of operational problems such as corrosion in piping and equipment, malfunctioning of pneumatic process control instruments, fouling of processes and much more.

Twin-Pass Design

The main advantage of twin-pass dryers is that because the incoming air is cooled by the exiting air less energy is required to achieve the same level of cooling within the refrigerant circuit. This allows twin-pass coolers to operate more efficiently.

The second advantage of the twin-pass process is that the outgoing compressed air stream is warmed by the incoming stream before being delivered thus eliminating the need for a dedicated heater stage within the dryer.

Air System Monitoring & Control

By properly monitoring and controlling your compressed air systems, you can instantly see the current productivity and efficiency of your systems and make informed decisions about how to operate it, as well as if repairs or upgrades are needed. By installing monitoring systems , you can save on the cost on systems maintenance and help you to reduce operational cost.

Air System Audits & Inspections

Our engineers are able to provide whole system audits and inspections of your compressed air systems to ensure that your current equipment works correctly and is right for you. Regular inspections can ensure that leaks are resolved before they compound to cause bigger problems.

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