Our McLennan Power Diesel Generators
SHAPE Energy supplies a range of McLennan Power AC and DC diesel generator sets that cover a variety of applications with silenced, open frame and marine configurations available. With 40 years of experience we understand the challenges that organisations face in Pacific conditions. Our generator solutions are quality assured from design to implementation to maintenance.

Three Phase Generators

SHAPE Energy Diesel generating set is a fully integrated power generation system. Powered by rugged 4-cycle CUMMINS & KUBOTA diesel industrial power units, SHAPE Energy Generating sets provide optimum performance, reliability and versatility for stationary, portable, standby and prime power applications.

Single Phase Generators

Rugged, reliable and compact gensets that provide clean, pure sine wave electricity. Powered by reliable water cooled diesel engines.

Marine Generators

Marine ready AC generating sets – 3kW to 10kW. For marine applications that require 120, 230 or 400V AC we are able to supply compact, sealed all in one gensets suitable for installation below deck.

Consultation & Solution Design

Our Engineers are available for a free consultation to rapidly provide a high level power continuity solution design, cost estimate and assist with business case qualification.

SHAPE Energy understand how power continuity business case relates to the various market segments. We can help qualify and document your business case to generate an ideal solution. At conception our project managers take responsibility for the project right up to completion, commissioning, and handover to operations

Preventative Maintenance & Servicing for Generators

Proactive preventative maintenance is a fraction of the capital cost of implementing such a solution and result in exponentially higher availability.

Preventative maintenance for diesel generators plays a critical role in maximising reliability, minimizing repairs and reducing long term costs.

Generator Control Systems

  • Automatic synchronising, dead bus closing, breaker control and load sharing.
  • Load management including, base loading, import/export control and peak demand supply.
  • Load dependent start and stop functionality – assisting maximum fuel efficiency.
  • SHAPE Energy McLennan Power diesel generator controllers have are suitable for land-based aplications with marinized generators available for marine operations

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