Gas Generation
SHAPE Energy is able to provide containerised solutions for the generation of utility gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and the reclamation of Carbon Dioxide.

Gas generation services can be centralised for distribution. Our gas services are also modular and upgradeable allowing for flexible gas usage that can grow and change with your business.


SHAPE Energy and Fabrum have come together to provide an alternative solution to traditional CAPEX projects. This partnership enables both SHAPE Energy to deliver a containerised, scalable, and modular air to liquid nitrogen solution, allowing clients to use or provide the cryogenic liquid or gas utility, as a service.

Containerised, contaminant free and reliable solution puts production control of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Air back in the hands of the industry and SHAPE Energy clients.

PSA Systems

SHAPE Energy's PSA Systems are designed with a reduced footprint to accommodate the minimal space requirements on ships and tankers and marine environments. These units operate using alternating twin tower adsorber vessels that eliminate the need for large receiver tanks.

Industrial Uses

SHAPE Energy gas production units have multiple uses across a range of industrial areas this EVSD-75 Compressor & S8 Nitrogen Generator has been installed for food a packaging application.

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Duncan Chisholm

General Manager

Ive always enjoyed problem solving and have huge admiration for people that not only solve problems but become masters of their trade. There is an elegance in watching someone make something look so effortless. The Shape Technology team are masters at creating hardware and software solutions for our customers that enable them to excel in their industry. Seeing our team in action and the result for the customer is immensely satisfying and I enjoy knowing that our technology plays a part in the industries where our customers are masters of their trade.