Microgrid Technology
Our expertise in solar PV systems means we can hit the ground running with any Solar project. We are ready to provide innovative solutions in this space. Our team has the resources to provide additional value with energy storage and system monitoring options, ensuring that you get the most out of your equipment.

Sometimes more than an off-the-shelf solutions is required, SHAPE Energy is able to design and build a custom system that suits your needs. Gas generation services can be centralised for distribution. Our gas services are also modular and upgradeable allowing for flexible gas usage that can grow and change with your business.

Renewable energy generators, Diesel Generators & Battery storage systems

Properly supporting a microgrid solution with the correct backup systems generator s can be a tricky task and SHAPE Energy is able to design, build, test and install a system that works reliably and safely.

Our system will keep your electricity uninterrupted, clean, and consistent with Diesel generators available to ensure energy needs c an be met in periods of peak demand. SHAPE Energy battery energy storage systems can be integrated with microgrids for additional power security.

Whether an infrastructure service , public institution, government organisation, or commercial business, SHAPE Energy Microgrid Technologies have a wide variety of applications , with each system designed to meet individual needs.

Remote Monitoring

Our solar PV systems include integrated IoT hardware, connecting them to our cloud-based monitoring platform, OPLEX. Through OPLEX you can see your power generation and usage, along with overall system efficiency.

In addition to usage monitoring, OPLEX monitors the current health and status of your solar installation. This includes alarm systems for fau lts, overtemperature, and changes in generation trends. This information can be used to optimize proactive maintenance.

CO2 Avoidance

Fulfil environmental initiatives for a government organisation or private company by utilising natural renewable resources like solar and wind power . SHAPE Energy enable clients to produce independent green products and services their customers meeting increasing social awareness of sustainability issues.

Flexible Battery Systems

With a range of options for energy storage based on the scale of your systems, we are able provide battery options that enable greater utilisation of your renewable energy systems. When your energy draw is low and energy generation is high, our battery systems store the surplus energy for self-use when generation is low. This helps to keep you running during peak times, while also providing you with an additional backup power system.

Hybrid Systems

Our system can be hybridised, connecting you to the grid as well as your new solar systems. This allows you to sell back excess energy generated,or to draw any extra energy needed from the grid.

Dynamic Response

Utilising our core Power Control System (PCS) technology, our systems facilitate switching between solar PV, battery, and the grid. It has a dynamic response at ultra-high speed, and the full power response of the system can be completed within milliseconds.

Microgrid Technology Applications

Reduce Grid

By storing power using gensets and generating power via solar, wind or another resource demand charges from the grid can be lowered which are generally based on highest grid power draw (in kW) per year.

EV charging

Utilise local renewable energy generation methods to provide true green eco - friendly charging for an electric fleet . P roviding extra power during peak periods when the charging of multiple electric vehicles exceeds grid capacity

Sell Energy Back
to the Grid

By keeping a microgrid connected to the grid, excess energy or a set amount can be sold back to grid system operators – via utility companies and energy traders.


Intelligent load sharing between gensets and batteries can r educe total genset uptime and boost efficiency by providing cycling reserve from batteries whenever gensets are in operation.


SHAPE Energy gensets can be upgraded for use in off - grid operation and backup power. Gensets can be enabled to accept large steps in load and can bridge a delay in startup times by adding battery storage.

Grid Limitations

Microgrids offer stable and consistent power meaning a reliable connection for sensitive industries. Using b atteries and gensets peak power loads can be covered with stored energy – this provides the assurance that reliable and consistent power will be available when needed.

Energy Supply

Where no grid is available a microgrid provides the required energy supply. Microgrids can be designed to power specific facilities produc ing as much energy as they consume ensuring none is wasted.

Grid Reliance

Utilise local power generation units of renewable resources such as solar arrays, wind farms or CHP plants , providing private power for ‘behind the meter’ use. Don’t feed into the grid and increase self - sufficiency further through adding battery storage systems.

Qualified Staff

Our teams and Project Engineers have extensive experience in electrical engineering and solar design. Our dedicated solar engineers have delivered over 50 off-grid power systems nationwide. We ensure our teams have the full set of all qualifications necessary to deliver each project, with qualified engineers and electricians.

The design for all aspects of our solar arrays, including the electrical design, switchgear, assemblies, circuit breakers, and ancillary equipment all complies with all relevant New Zealand Standards and Regulations, including AS/NZS 5033, 4509.1, and 5139.

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