Hire & Leases
Because there is no need to invest in any equipment no installation cost or servicing contract, leasing can be a great solution if your business is seeking to limit capital expenditure. If you want the latest most efficient air compressor or diesel generator system; don’t worry about maintenance, obsolescence or repairs contact SHAPE Energy about your best option.

Comprehensive Range

SHAPE Energy offers a wide range of rental, hire and lease equipment across diesel generators, air compressors, UPS & battery systems, HVAC, and data-centres for both short term and long term periods across all of New Zealand.

Our efficient, cost effective approach towards hire, lease, and rental units mean we are able to offer our extensive range of temporary power and utilities equipment for commercial and industrial applications at a competitive rate.

Alongside generator rental/hire, we also provide a large selection of plug-in site distribution boards and a wide range of cables for connecting the generator to the site load/s. Our experienced technicians will install and commission the unit on site, with all fuel, cabling and control system requirements.

Diesel Generators

SHAPE Energy supplies a range of McLennan Power AC and DC diesel generator sets that cover a variety of applications with silenced, open frame and marine configurations available. With 40 years of experience we understand the challenges that organisations face in Pacific conditions. Our generator solutions are quality assured from design to implementation to maintenance.

UPS & Battery Systems

Our UPS and backup battery sales are offered and supported throughout New Zealand. SHAPE Energy offers for sale a comprehensive range of both UPS and backup battery solution together with associated equipment and services required to provide a complete no-break uninterruptable power supply backup solution.

Compressed Air

SHAPE Energy specialises in energy efficient compressed air solutions.

Our variable speed E-VSD rotary screw and scroll air compressors are smaller, quieter and more economical than traditional reciprocating compressors.

Gas Generation

SHAPE Energy with partner Fabrum, are able to provide containerised solutions for the generation of utility gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and the reclamation of Carbon Dioxide.

Gas generation services can be centralised for distribution. Our gas services are also modular and upgradeable allowing for flexible gas usage that can grow and change with your business.


Options to rent, lease or purchase SHAPE Energy’s blokseriescontainerised solutions.

Designed and built specifically to fit clients unique environmental and infrastructure needs. SHAPE Energy can offer clients a full package solution for a business or organisation, ready for use, delivered nationally and internationally.

Safety First

We ensure that our rental/hire equipment complies with all the latest safety regulations for your peace of mind, and our technicians are all qualified and registered. All installations are overseen by a registered electrician to ensure they comply with local and national wiring rules and regulations. Regular testing and proactive maintenance of our entire generator rental/hire fleet insures reliable operation and performance at your site.

24×7 telephone and onsite support is provided for the duration of the rental/hire period.

Need to Rent or Lease?

Discuss equipment rental/hire/lease requirements with one of our specialist generator technicians!

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The people at Shape are the key ingredient. We 110% back and invest in ourselves. The successes and learnings are shared and flow into the way we service and treat our customers and stakeholders. I look forward to watching our team grow into, not only, world leaders in the solutions we provide, but more importantly, better people who will help build better communities