Welcome Cain Chapman – tractor driver, dog walker… and sometimes SHAPE GM

We’re thrilled to unveil Mr. Cain Chapman, stepping into the role of SHAPE Energy General Manager of Power Electronics.

Cain may be our new GM, but his influence isn’t confined to boardrooms and strategy sessions. He extends his prowess into the realm of community service, supporting the KidsCan Charitable Trust, and moonlighting as a tractor driver and dog walker for Pet Refuge NZ. Cain showcases that even in the world of power electronics, a human touch is indispensable.

Cain is adding SHAPE Energy to his extensive leadership journey that spans a diverse range of industries. Cain has orchestrated success stories in energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, military, and primary industries. His journey isn’t only contained within New Zealand either, Cain brings international experience from, Australia, UK, Europe, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands.

As General Manager of Power Electronics at SHAPE, Cain is set to infuse his strategic vision into our operations. His track record of success and leadership in critical applications aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation, resilience, and sustainable solutions in the energy sector.

Cain’s extensive experience positions him as a seasoned energy expert. His diverse background in volunteer work, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, and primary industries brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Cain, your arrival marks not just a recruitment but an evolution in SHAPE’s DNA; engineering brilliance, forward-thinking strategy, and the promise of a future where energy isn’t just harnessed but shaped.

We look forward to the positive impact Cain will undoubtedly bring to our dynamic team and the broader energy community.

Welcome, Cain Chapman, to the exciting journey ahead! ⚡

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